Annual Symposium 2012

December 03 2012

In December, JALBCA presented its annual symposium on “Evolution of Medical Care and Research: What is Happening to Medicine and How Will It Affect Us?” The program was co-sponsored with Memorial Sloan Kettering Center’s Resources for Life After Cancer.

This year, our panel consisted of Dr. Larry Norton (MSKCC), Deputy Physician-inChif for Breast Cencer; Professor Kathleen M. Boozang, a health law professor at Seton Hall University School of Law; William B. Rosenblatt, MD (Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Center); and Bruce c. Vladeck, Ph.D. (Nexera, Inc.), a nationally recognized expert on health care policy.
The Honorable Judith S. Kay was the moderator, and co-presidents, Edward S. Korneich and Judge Jennifer G. Schecter, served on the panel as questioners.