Courthouse Alerts

December 01 2014

During October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and throughout the year, JALBCA sponsors local activities throughout the state to promote breast cancer awareness. Scan vans—mobile mammography suites—provide free screening exams.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have a full schedule of scan vans for 2015.

1/13/15Al Hirschfeld Health Center (half day)MNHTN
1/13/15Callen-Lorde Health Center (half day)MNHTN
1/18/15Margarita’s Breast & Cervical CSSGBKLYN
1/25/15Tvistomi AssociationQNS
1/29/15Charles B. Wang Health Center, ManhattanMNHTN
2/28/15Korean Community ServicesQNS
3/3/15Charles B. Wang Health Center, FlushingQNS
3/10/15Al Hirschfeld Health Center (half day)MNHTN
3/10/15Callen-Lorde Health Center (half day)MNHTN
3/12/15Queens Borough Public Library, FlushingQNS
3/14/15Staten Island MallSI
3/17/15Charles B. Wang Health Center, ManhattanMNHTN
3/18/15Community Healthcare Network Caribbean HouseBKLYN
3/21/15Bronx School for Better LearningBRONX
3/24/15Coney Island Public LibraryBKLYN
4/4/15Academy of Medicine and Public HealthBKLYN
4/8/15Charles B. Wang Health Center, FlushingQNS
4/12/15Tvistomi AssociationQNS
4/14/15Al Hirschfeld Health Center (half day)MNHTN
4/14/15Callen-Lorde Health Center (half day)MNHTN
4/24/15Amalgamated Houses, 74 Van Cortland Park SouthBRONX
4/30/15Korean Community Services, FlushingQNS
5/4/15New Providence Shelter, 245 E. 45th St. (half day)MNHTN
5/6/15Brooklyn Adult Learning Center (half day)BKLYN
5/19/15Midtown Community Court, 314 West 54th St.MNHTN
10/22/15Brooklyn Family Court, Jay Street (half day)BKLYN
10/28/15Bronx Family Court (half day)BRONX
9/9/15Tentative: Brooklyn Supreme CourtBKLYN
9/9/15Tentative: Kings County Supreme Court, Adams St.BKLYN
10/2/15Tentative: Suffolk County Family Court, half daySUFF
10/9/15Tentative: NYC Civil CourtMNHTN
10/26/15Tentative: Queens Family Court, half dayQNS
10/26/15Tentative: Long Island City Courthouse, half dayQNS
10/27/15Tentative: Richmond County Supreme CourtSI
10/28/15Tentative: Bronx Housing Court, half dayBRONX
10/29/15Tentative: Harlem Cmty Justice Center, half dayMNHTN

JALBCA is very thankful for the generosity of each of the many sponsors.