Mental Health: Treatment Beyond the Tumor

November 15 2022

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Treatment Beyond The Tumor 11/15/2022

You may know about the medical treatments patients go through after a breast cancer diagnosis, but are you aware of the emotional and physical effects on the patient during and after treatment? This program will address treatments to help patients cope with the emotional and physical side effects of a cancer and treatment.

Hon. Judge Linda Capitti

New York City Family Court Judge, Member, JALBCA Board of Directors

Donna Wilson

Personal Trainer, Physical Fitness Specialist, Integrative Medicine Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Roz Kleban, MSKCC
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Working Directly With Patients After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Linda B. Hansen, Esq.
ABCD, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Breast Cancer Survivor, Representative for Nationwide Peer Support Group

Magnolia Levy, Esq., Lopreto + Levy LLP
Vice-President, JABLCA, Co-Chair, JALBCA Support Group, President, New York Women’s Bar Association

Lauren Crane, Esq, Bender & Crain, LLP
Co-Chair, JALBCA Support Group

ABCD, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
New York Women’s Bar Association (NYWBA)