November 2012



JALBCA is proud to have been a participant in the first-ever Ovarian Cancer Expo, sponsored by New York City-based nonprofit Color of Teal in September 2012. While our focus is on breast cancers, theirs is on gynecologic cancers. Like JALBCA, Color of Teal works to inform, resources, and support cancer patients. Their expo was an excellent opportunity for JALBCA to reach out to women who may be at heightened risk for breast cancer.

Also inside this issue:

  •  Announcement of the 17th Annual Ellen P. Hermanson Memorial Symposium
  • Researchers find “completely unexpected” mechanism behind resistance to chemotherapy treatment
  • Federal Circuit finds isolated human genes to be patent-eligible
  • FDA aims to strengthen post-market surveillance system for medical devices
  • Courthouse Alert program begins with annual cocktails
  • Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association honor Breast Cancer Awareness month
  • Community resource list

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